Power Of The Palette

7 months ago - Chantelle Wilkins

Power Of The Palette

Colour has the ability to convey, communicate and influence without words. Colours create a visual sensation which has great ability to evoke emotions, actions and feelings in a space. From bold hues to soft tones, knowing how to mix and combined the right colours introduces an instant sense of balance and harmony to interior spaces.

Can colour really influence an individuals way of living? Most certainly! This is why we live by ‘Power of the palette’. At Fibi’s we understand just how much colour can alter a way of life.

The use of bold colours such as Rectory Red and Charlottes Locks, execute a playful feeling as well as a sense of warmth, comfort and cosiness. Great for drawing rooms, game rooms and even kids bedrooms.

Whereas colours like Oval Room Blue, Green Ground and Ammonite create a sense of calmness. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens - areas that would ideally launch more of a tranquil atmosphere.

And then their’s the dark solution - the Pelt, Down Pipe and Hague Blue tones which absorb light and add a sense of depth in a space. Suitable for studies, adults lounge, and even those tiny understair WC’s.

At Fibi, we LOVE colour and work closely with Farrow and Ball’s paint palette to bring interiors to life. We experiment with colours to enhance the desired aesthetic for each space. Before adopting a colour palette we identify our clients' needs for their space and then begin the melange.

Need a hand selecting the correct theme for your home? Fill in your details on our ‘Contact’ page and we’ll be delighted to jump on board.