What A Rug Can Do?

6 months ago - Fido Fawo

What A Rug Can Do?

Hello rug, goodbye carpet? Don't get us wrong; some of us still love and adore the classic carpet look but as style and interiors continue to evolve there's an increase in love for old-school original flooring.

We've gone from spending a fortune on incredible carpets to stripping back our floorboards. Almost like going back to basics but with a twist! A rug is a total centrepiece, like Art to a floor. After all, every single section of your property/space deserves incredible attention.

Unlike some interior pieces, a rug is one of those 'own for a lifetime' tokens. A key piece that you can take everywhere with you. It's vital to take pride when rug shopping; pay attention to detail, depth, texture, colour, pattern - these things lead to owning a sentimental piece.

There is literally a rug to fit and suit every space imaginable, from warming wool to seducing silk blends. To top it off you can find some of the worlds most incredible rugs from various interior brands.

Here's a list Fibi's top 5 rug companies:

* Designers Guild
* Morris and Co
* Graham and Green
* Christian Lacroix
* The Rug Company

So there you have it... What exactly can't a rug do?

If your looking to re-design your current space or would like to jazz up your space by changing a few accessories, get in touch... We're here for you!