Lines In The Space

8 months ago - Martina Tettamanti

Lines In The Space

Did you know that the way you choose to emphasise the direction of lines will determine the mood you create in your space?

Whether it be furniture, window treatments or wall coverings; the formation of lines not only has an effect on the look but also has a great impact on an individuals mood when in the room. There’s so much psychology to it!

Vertical lines suggest a feeling of strength, balance and height. They draw the eye upwards, creating a more formal atmosphere.

On the other hand horizontal lines tend to create a restful, informal feeling. They draw the eye across and work well in casual rooms such as bedrooms and laundry rooms.

Diagonal lines suggest a feeling of movement. They add a sense of boldness and strength in a space whilst also ‘maximising’ the size of the room based on the stripe/line consistency.

And then there’s curved lines which ultimately give off a soft and more harmonious effect in a room. A much calmer approach to ‘Lines in a Space’ which introduces subtle uniform movement and rhythm.

Positioning and playing with your lines well is a must! You’ve got to use them correctly in the right space to create the right mood.

At Fibi we analyse your space first, followed by mood-boards to help bring the feel, ambiance and vibe you would like to create to life. We take time to understand exactly what it is you are after, present you our ideas stemmed from your preferences and then exhibit the vision once you are happy with our presentations.

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